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When installing new versions of Java, preexisting versions remain on your system, presenting significant security risks. Currently available Java cleanup tools are web-based, ignore installations of the Java Development Kit (JDK), detect only those Java versions installed by the Java installer, and do not provide mechanisms to restore deleted Java versions.
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To address the problem, Sandia developed the SNL JavaCleaner, which removes old, and potentially vulnerable versions of the Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the Java Development Kit (JDK) from a Microsoft Windows OS based PC. The SNL JavaCleaner removes all previously installed versions of the Java JRE and JDK, and requires only minor updates to integrate new versions of Java as they are released by Oracle. The utility has been developed to minimize the chance for unintended file deletions, and has been successfully implemented to clean up old versions of Java on various Sandia network partitions.
The SNL JavaCleaner is run locally, making it safer, faster, and more user friendly than web-based tools exposed to web server disruptions and security risks - Detects and removes ALL versions of the JRE AND JDK and requires only minor updates to integrate new versions of Java - Allows for undo and reinstall of deleted JRE and JDK versions by keeping a detailed log of changes that can be manually undone/reverted - Performs a deeper cleaning than can be achieved by a standard Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) uninstall - Gives the option to “Analyze Only” (instead of deleting) to determine what files will be removed - Allows for unattended operation (All features of the SNL JavaCleaner can be run in silent mode or unattended mode for after-hours remediation)
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February 25, 2016
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