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Jet noise suppressor

A jet noise suppressor is disclosed. The jet noise suppressor includes first and second high frequency pulse injection units located exteriorly of the turbine engine exhaust nozzle. The pulse injection units are located oppositely, diametrically across the exhaust nozzle. The pulse injection units include a resonance tube in outlet fluid communication with an injector nozzle. High pressure gas is supplied to the resonance tubes. A second source of high pressure gas includes a switch for supplying an alternating flow of high pressure gas to the injector nozzles. The combination of the high frequency pulses emitted from the injection units with the alternating low frequency, high amplitude mode of injection across the exhaust nozzle, provides a dramatic reduction of noise as well as exhaust temperature.

Michael J. Stanek

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
July 3, 2003
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