Available Technology

Knowledge Preservation Management

The Knowledge Preservation Management (KPM) system allows for the capture, management, and web-based access of manufacturing operations information. KPM also captures retirees' knowledge via transcript-enabled videotaped interviews and with video data mining advanced search capabilities. Access to this information is available directly to the operator on the factory floor or in an office, providing a complete on-demand knowledge management and training capability. Y-12's KPM was designated as the National Security Enterprise Center of Excellence for Knowledge Management.
Captures and manages video, animation, process maps, work instructions, and any other associated information digitally. Allows for information configuration control and long-term archival of knowledge base. Can be access controlled to ensure appropriate need to know.
Assimilates and manages critical information and makes it available on demand to those with the appropriate need to know. Easy to use, efficient transcript-based, jump-to-frame video data mining and retrieval. Flexible with content configuration control and long-term archival of a company's knowledge base.
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