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Landing Signal Officer (LOS Information Management and Trend Analysis (IMTA) System

The Landing Signal Officer (LSO) Information Management and Trend Analysis (IMTA) System is a replacement for the legacy Automated Performance and Readiness Training System (APARTS), which is a Microsoft Access® database tool that is no longer supported. The LSO IMTA system is comprised of personal electronic devices (PEDs) and mobile laptops, each loaded with dedicated software, and shore based database server centers. The PED, such as a rugged handheld tablet, takes in shorthand symbology developed by the LSO community (normally recorded via paper logbook entries on the flight deck) which stores the quality of an aircraft landing aboard an aircraft carrier (trap). The pilot of the aircraft is graded for each trap. Thereafter, trend analysis can be performed on collected data and appropriate reports can be generated that are reviewed by Naval Air Systems Command (NASC), Carrier Air Wings (CAG), and individual squadron commanders. The data collected via PEDs is then transferred to intermediate storage until it can be uploaded to dedicated shore side database server centers that key stakeholders will have access to. This system can also automate the interaction between an aviation instructor and a student pilot in the training pipeline, propagate the information from disconnected handhelds to centralized databases for trend analysis, and allow for LSO shorthand capture during keyboard input with intelligent algorithms. The focus has been the naval aviator, however, the scope of data capture can also be applied to the commercial aviation sector.
Patent Number: 
US 9,489,851
Technology Type(s): 
Software and Information Technology
Patent Status: 
Patent Issue Date: 
November 8, 2016
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