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Lean Blowoff Detection Sensor

Research is currently inactive on the patented technology "Lean blowoff detection sensor," but the technology is available for licensing from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).
Patent Abstract: 
This patented invention relates to a combustion monitoring system that incorporates a process for monitoring conditions in the combustion system of a gas turbine to prevent lean blowoff while operating the system at parameters that produce low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. It provides a combustion detector for a lean premix combustion system where the detector is readily incorporated into the burner assembly to determine lean blowoff at its earliest stage. A number of industrial processes, such as power generation and petrochemical production, use burners as the primary or auxiliary source of energy. Fuels are burned in a combustion chamber, which requires an oxidant, such as air, oxygen-enriched air, or oxygen. To meet targeted NOx levels, modern premix turbine combustors must operate with a finely controlled fuel/air ratio nearthe extinction limit. When operations near this limit, they could cause a sudden flame extinction, or lean blowoff. However, no currently used commercial methods can sense when lean blowoff may occur. This lean blowoff detection sensor addresses this issue by achieving control over the combustion process, while providing durable, quick response-time monitoring. In addition, the sensor requires minimal modification of the burner assembly and operating parameters to avoid problems associated with currently used processes.
Detects lean blowoff conditions in premixed combustion -Provides combustion control in a burner -Offers durable, fast response monitoring -Requires minimal modification of the burner assembly and operating parameters
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