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LISe Crystals

The Li-containing compound semiconductor thermal neutron detector is based on the6LiInSe2single crystal. A novel6Li chemical purification method and proprietary two-step synthetic process that starts from elementary materials (Li, In and Se) yield large radiation detection quality crystals of6LiInSe2. The harvested crystal also must exhibit the appropriate electrical bandgap, high bulk resistivity and current stability. These6Li-containing chalcopyrite-type semiconductor crystals efficiently detect thermal neutrons at room temperature by either direct semiconductor conversion of6Li(n, [alpha]) charged particles or detection of scintillation photons via a coupled solid state photodetector.
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6LiInSe2crystal properties: -Band gap: 2.8 eV -Bulk resistivity: >1012[omega]*cm -Optical transmission: 60% High thermal efficiency
Compact, low cost, low energy -All solid state detection -Versatile design for a wide-range of applications (hand-held, high resolution, bulk counter, imaging) -High intrinsic gamma/neutron discrimination
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