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Live Attenuated Vaccine for Avian Influenza Virus

Novel, attenuated H5 influenza vaccines have been developed that do not express either the M2 gene or the M42 gene found on viral segment 7. A single dose of either vaccine provides poultry with complete protective immunity against highly pathogenic avian influenza challenge. Following application, the live virus vaccine does not transmit to susceptible animals.

• Provides broad protection against all H5 HPAI lineages and recent clades
• Induces mucosal, humoral and cellular immunity in birds
• Can be applied to protect from other avian influenza subtypes, and mammalian influenza including swine, equine, canine and feline

• Safe and efficacious vaccine to combat influenza viruses to prevent disease in animals and to reduce virus shedding that can be source of transmission, including humans

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