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Localized acidic underwater surface cleaning apparatus

An apparatus and method permits unattended cleaning of a surface. A clamping mechanism engages features around a contaminated surface and is connected to a dome-shaped receptacle containing a gelled acid compound. The gelled acid compound is pressed and held against the contaminated surface during cleaning. Gelled acid ensures that the acid component for dissolving does not readily disburse into the ambient environment. Contamination exposed to the gelled acid compound is dissolved, and the clamping mechanism is disengaged for other cleaning tasks. More reliable attachment of instrumentation and other packages can be made to the cleaned surface. The uncomplicated apparatus and method of the invention allow a single diver to quietly attach packages underwater in the harsh marine environment.

Billy Courson

Felipe Garcia

John Shelburne

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
June 27, 2003
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