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Long Range Patrol Water Container

The US Army NSRDEC seeks to commercialize through patent licensing a patent pending, Long Range Patrol Water Container.

Patent Abstract: 

5-gallon portable plastic water container with reduced cube storage volume while maintaining the overall quality of the water being stored. Specifically, the new design has a cover cap-sealing feature that prevents dirt from contaminating the water and makes the container easier to sanitize. The container is more physically robust to prevent damage during quick airdrop techniques from short heights at low speeds known as the speedball method. In addition, to prevent water from being wasted, a new nozzle feature has been incorporated as part of the container to improve the pouring and filling, as well as having modified handles that will be adapted to support a cargo strap for transportation. The LRPWC will enhance logistical capabilities of transporting water without limiting the resources required to fully support long-range missions and allow for more efficient resupply during airdrops since it will be able to withstand airdrops from heights as high as 100ft. It will also make it easier and more efficient to pack out mission-essential materiel thereby reducing logistical support for resupply. - Provides fresh tasting water after several hours in extreme environments - Prevents contaminants from reaching the water - Easy to store and easily fits in a HMMWV - Can change its volume as a function of water consumed - Resists degradation when left outside or in damp places - Withstands speedball drops and free-fall drops from high heights - Provides controlled pouring which prevents over spillage - Easy to clean/sanitize - High denier (1050) polyester substrate with silicone coat on one side and polyurethane on the other - Silicone has non-toxic, odorless and tasteless qualities - Silicone coating has a high chemical resistance, which is impervious to mild alkalies, non-oxidizing acids, most salts, mineral and lubricating oils, air, moisture and sunlight - Operating temperature range is from -100°F to +500°F - Urethane has high abrasion and chemical resistance and low friction - Urethane is Radio Frequency Weldable

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