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Magnofex is a processing method for nonferrous metal deposition which uses magnetic fields to manipulate the microstructure of the deposited metal. Strategic orientation of magnets controls grain structure in a manner that enhances the strength and mechanical properties of the metals involved. Lead-free solders, which are nonferrous metals, can greatly benefit from the presence of magnetic fields during soldering. Consisting primarily of tin, lead-free solders often exhibit a paramagnetic-to-diamagnetic shift as they solidify in the presence of a magnetic field. Strategic orientation of magnets during soldering processes controls the solder's grain orientation, improving the performance and reliability of the lead-free components and reducing the propensity to form "tin whiskers."
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Simple: employs magnetic influence -Inexpensive: requires minimal equipment -Flexible: adapts easily to current manufacturing processes and is transportable -Versatile: works with new products as well as rework and repair -Broad: spans across all lead-free solders -Unique: employs none of the traditional solutions for mitigating tin whisker growth (e.g., conformal coating techniques, solder/alloy alteration)
Reduces mechanical failure: increases ability of electronics to withstand shock and vibration, increases wettability, decreases board delamination -Improves manufacturability: reduces tin whisker formation/pad cratering, aids in solder reballing, enables retrofitting existing solder stations to current manufacturing techniques -Addresses issues regarding lead-free solutions for manufacturing and plating applications
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