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MDCK Cells with Enhanced Characteristics for Vaccine and Virus Production

This technology relates to compositions and methods for improving the growth characteristics of cells engineered to produce live viruses such as the Influenza virus. Featured is a method that uses the gene candidate, siat7e, or its expressed or inhibited products in Madin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cells. The gene expression modulates anchorage-dependence of the cell line thereby allowing scale-up on bioreactor platforms without the use of microcarrier beads and reducing production costs. More specifically, this technology claims use of the methods embodied in the patent application for production of the Influenza viruses (human, avian and canine).
These MDCK cells offer the ability to improve yields and reduce the cost associated with the production of the Influenza virus through the genetic modification that provides: -Altered growth characteristics. -Altered adhesion characteristics. -Altered rate of proliferation. -Improvement in cell density growth in suspension. -Improvement in hemagglutinin production.
Joseph Shiloach
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