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Measuring Word Pair Relevancy

Method and Device for Measuring Word Pair Relevancy

This technology enables a user to find relevant documents within a large set of data without requiring the keyword to appear in the document. By auto-associating words and documents with a keyword, this method spares the user from needing to know precise terms when searching in a large database or network. Requiring only a large corpus of reference text, this technology is language agnostic and ranks the relevancy of documents to a keyword based on word pair relevancy estimated from the corpus of reference text.



Click to view PDFs of these patents on the US Patent and Trademark Office website:  Patent 9,754,020

  • Knowledge discovery applications
  • Reference material search tool (medical, legal, academic journals/books)
  • Document prioritizers
  • File management
Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
September 5, 2017
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