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MEMS microdisplay optical imaging and sensor systems for underwater and other scattering environments

A sensing system is provided that includes a transmitter assembly with a light source and a microdisplay device, wherein the transmitter assembly defines an optical beam transmission path to provide illumination of a substantially one-dimensional (1D) region of a target area, the microdisplay device comprising a plurality of controllable elements for causing the illumination to be a substantially 1D pattern of light along the 1D region. The system further includes a receiver assembly for defining a return optical signal transmission path from the 1D region and collecting return optical signals from the 1D region. The system also includes a processing component for generating sensor information associated with the 1D region by processing the return optical signals from the 1D region with return optical signals from adjacent 1D regions using a distributed compressive sensing (DCS) technique.

Fraser Dalgleish, Anni Dalgleish, Bing Ouyang

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May 28, 2015
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