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Method and instrument for electronically recording and imaging fluid washover via measuring characteristics of the fluid at multiple locations simultaneously

An array of electrically isolated electrode pairs in combination with a specially configured processor, e.g., a personal computer, is employed to obtain a continuous real-time acquisition, processing, mapping and visualization of fluid washover. In a specific application, washover data are collected on salient electrical characteristics of seawater accumulating between electrodes of an electrode pair, one of which may be a common ground plane. For example, the resistance of seawater is measured dynamically at each electrode pair. These data are then processed using specialized software to yield representation of the dynamics of selected washover events on a surface of interest. Described systems specifically provide real-time spatial and temporal representations of interaction, including two and three-dimensional visualization of the washover, as well as recording selected data for future use. Methods of employment of the system are also described.

Norbert E. Yankielun

James H. Clark

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
December 1, 2006
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