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Method and System for Mobile Structured Collection of Data and Images

The present invention is a method for improving functionality of a smart device to perform mobile structured collection and transformation of data includes instantiating an ATAK Session Object having multiple Session Object Attributes including a geo-specific location attribute having a geo-specific location attribute value. The method then updates the geo-specific location attribute of the ATAK Session Object to reflect a geo-specific location and links an Image Object with the ATAK Session Object to create a Linked ATAK Image Object. Next, the method instantiates an Observational Record Object (ORO) having an ORO attribute value reflecting an observation instance at the geo-specific location. Finally, the method creates a Linked ORO by linking the ORO with the Linked ATAK Image Object. The present invention also includes an apparatus and system for performing the above method.
Patent Number: 
US 9,418,080
Patent Status: 
Patent Issue Date: 
August 16, 2016
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