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Method for determining collision risk for collision avoidance systems

Disclosed is a method and apparatus for determining the risk of an object collision. The method includes transmitting a signal and analyzing a received signal that is indicative of the presence of a remote object. The signal is then analyzed to determine an initial azimuth value and an initial range for the remote object. Subsequent received signals are continuously analyzed to continuously determine subsequent azimuth values, azimuth value velocities and accelerations, as well as subsequent range values, range value velocities and range value accelerations. The factors are then input into a predetermined formula to yield a risk assessment of collision P. The formulas for determining P can be adjusted to account for such factors as number and proximity of remote objects, as well as the speed and maneuverability of both the remote objects and the vehicle that is avoiding collisions with the remote object(s).

Michael R. Blackburn

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February 10, 2012
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