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Method for filtering laser range data

A computer software program for replacing drop-out pixels and erroneous range values in the range channel of a laser detection and ranging system with a median pixel value in a moving square window centered about a pixel being processed whenever a co-registered intensity pixel value in the intensity channel falls below an intensity threshold. During the processing of each range pixel of the target, the computer software program will not alter the range value of the pixel if its corresponding intensity pixel has an intensity value above the intensity threshold. When the intensity value of the corresponding intensity pixel is below the threshold, the intensity guided filter replaces the range value with the median value of all the good" pixels within a moving window the size of a kernel having X and Y dimensions. This results in the intensity guided filter smoothing out noisy pixels in the range channel of while retaining edge pixel values for the image."

Chi-Kin Lam

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November 12, 1999
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