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Method for generating O2-rich gas from air using water

The present disclosure is directed to a method for enriching an inlet air stream utilizing a number of enrichment sub-units connected in series, where each enrichment sub-unit conducts both a dissolution and degasification cycle. Each enrichment sub-unit comprises a compressor, an aeration unit, a deaeration unit, and a pump for the recirculation of water between the aeration and deaeration units. The methodology provides a manner in which the relationship between the respective Henry's coefficients of the oxygen and nitrogen in water may be exploited to enrich the O2 volume percent and diminish the N2 volume percent over repeated dissolution and degasification cycles. By utilizing a number of enrichment sub-units connected in series, the water contained in each enrichment sub-unit acts to progressively increase the O2 volume percent. Additional enrichment sub-units may be added and utilized until the O2 volume percent equals or exceeds a target O2 volume percent. In a particular embodiment, air having a general composition of about 78 vol. % N2 and 21 vol. % O2 is progressively enriched to provide a final mixture of about 92% vol. % O2 and 8% vol. % N2.

James P. Bennett

Jinichiro Nakano

Anna Nakano

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March 2, 2018
Far West
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