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Method for rigorous reshaping of stereo imagery with digital photogrammetric workstation

A method for rigorously reshaping a pair of overlapping digital images using a Digital Photogrammetric Workstation (DPW) is disclosed. The overlapping images are imported into the DPW as a pair of originally distorted images having an associated sensor model. The original images are triangulated to adjust sensor parameters. Orthophotos are created with a flat digital terrain matrix (DTM) to leave terrain displacements within themselves, and according to a sensor model and formula for exact projective computations. The orthophotos are aligned by rotation, and interior orientation coordinates of the equivalent vertical frame images are determined. The orthophotos are imported as a pair of overlapping equivalent vertical frame images according to the interior orientation coordinates. A digital terrain model is generated in the DPW using the overlapping equivalent vertical frame images. Another orthophoto is produced using the digital terrain model to remove the measured terrain displacements. In an alternative embodiment, the equivalent vertical frame images are aligned by using the classical pair-wise rectification method or by separately rotating each image without aligning the orthophotos by rotation during their creation. In each embodiment, the sensor model of the original distorted images is dissociated from the orthophotos for subsequently greater distribution and usage of the stereo imagery.

Roger Brown

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June 16, 2000
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