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Method of generating images to aid in the detection of manmade objects in cluttered underwater environments

An underwater image area is illuminated with light generating elastic scattering from manmade objects and naturally-occurring features, and fluorescence from naturally-occurring features. Local standard deviation (LSD) images are formed using the elastic scattered and fluorescent light. Elements of each LSD image are compared to threshold criteria to generate: i) first binary images having first image state portions indicating manmade objects and naturally-occurring features, and ii) second image state portions indicating background. The first binary images are logically combined generating a composite image mask. Statistical threshold criteria for each fluorescence-based image is generated using only portions identified by portions of the composite image mask indicating of background. Elements of each fluorescence-based image are compared to statistical threshold criteria to generate second binary images. At least two second binary images are logically combined to generate a binary manmade object image mask delineates between manmade objects and everything else.

Michael P. Strand

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December 29, 2005
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