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Methods and Strains For Producing Bioproducts In Aureobasidium Pullulans

Methods for producing arabitol-containing liamocin and other bioproducts from novel genetically altered strains of Aureobasidium Pullulans. The A. Pullulans strains contain genetic alterations to control the type of liamocin produced and decrease unwanted bio-products and bio-contaminants. Other useful bio-products produced include exophilins, massoia lactone, pullulan and liamocins with other head groups. The bioproducts can be produced melanin-free.


• The modified A. pullulans produce near 100% arabitol-containing liamocins on an inexpensive carbon sources such as glucose
• The liamocins and other bio-products produced are melanin-free


• Antibacterial activities of liamocins against certain Gram positive organisms may have potential applications as a veterinary treatment
• Potential chemical feedstock for the synthesis of a variety of products such as biosurfactants and polymers
• Antifouling agent, phytopathogen control agent
Patent Number: 
10,612,063 & 10,351,889
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
74.19 + 69.15
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