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Micro-unmanned aerodynamic vehicle

A MEMS-based micro-unmanned vehicle includes at least a pair of wings having leading wing beams and trailing wing beams, at least two actuators, a leading actuator beam coupled to the leading wing beams, a trailing actuator beam coupled to the trailing wing beams, a vehicle body having a plurality of fulcrums pivotally securing the leading wing beams, the trailing wing beams, the leading actuator beam and the trailing actuator beam and having at least one anisotropically etched recess to accommodate a lever-fulcrum motion of the coupled beams, and a power source.

Michael S. Baker

Paul C. Galambos

Troy A. Lionberger

Nigel Reuel

Murat Okandan

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
April 11, 2008
Lab Representatives
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