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Microwave Sintering, Bonding, and Assembly of Metal and Ceramic Parts

Microwave Sintering, Bondingand Assembly is a manufacturing technology that creates complex metal and cermet composite components using minimal equipment. Employing either powder-printing or powder-pressing processes, parts are made andsintered to approximately 60% density. These parts are assembled, and the resulting assembly is infiltrated with molten metal to bond the parts and create a solid metal/cermet or cermet/cermet composite component.
The technology is versatile because the subparts can have different physical/chemical/material properties; it is flexible in that the designer can incorporate subparts blind voids, complex bends/tubes/traces and the technology remains simple: the manufacturer needs only a few small pieces of equipment, computer design files, and a selection of raw materials.
Decreased manufacturing time and expense —Cutting, grinding and wear surfaces can be incorporated into components. -Minimal post-process machining — Complex component is ready for use once assembled. -Nearly limitless possible combinations of mechanical and thermal properties — Components can be designed to meet specific strength and temperature requirements. -Decreased need to warehouse critical components — Assemblies can be created quickly and as needed. -Reduced costs — Prototyping and field verification of design concepts are accomplished with minimal investment.
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