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Mobile Field Griddle (MFG)

The US Army NSRDEC seeks to commercialize through patent licensing, US Patent No. 7,380,548, Issued: June 3, 2008; Mobile Field Griddle.

Patent Abstract: 

The Mobile Field Griddle (MFG) is a completely modular design featuring a closed heating system consisting of oil fired (JP8) interoperatable burner base, lightweight frame, thermostatic control and griddle plate. The system specifications of the MFG griddle surface are: - Surface uniformity, variance 20-25° F corner to corner - High ramp rate, 21-22° F/minute - Fast rise time, 14-15 minutes - Fast setting time, 25-32 minutes - Overshoot, 35-65° F - Modulates about set point, 15° F - Skin Temperature, average 200° F - Vent Temperature, maximum +500° F - Cooks 45 frozen hamburgers in 15 minutes or 180 per hour - Easy to clean The MFG represents the first of its class by being a closed heating system where off gas is directly vented out of the griddle heating cavity via ducting. In addition, the closed system reduces combustion by products from the oil-fired burner being rejected into the operator's environment. The MFG frame is lined with furnace insulation to minimize heat generation in the cooking area. The system is thermostatically controlled allowing the user to adjust the surface temperature from an external analog control, but more importantly modulates the burner on/off to provide a more fuel-efficient system. The most unique feature of the MFG is the waffle plate which acts as an air flow diffuser providing uniform heat distribution to the griddle plate.

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