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Modular Advanced Technologies - Marksmanship Proficiency (MAT-MP) Toolkit

The MAT-MP toolkit is a reconfigurable small arms instrumentation kit of patent-pending assessment and diagnostic tools for use on the live-fire range by marksmanship instructors/coaches. Capabilities of the trainer include:

1) The toolkit provides instructors with additional direct measures to assess problem shooter performance.
2) Toolkit sensors are temporarily attached to a live-fire weapon in less than five minutes.
3) A miniature camera and beam splitting assembly are attached to the rear of the rifle’s combat optic.
4) Data and video are wirelessly transmitted to the instructor’s portable computer.
5) The instructor assistant software displays through optic video and sensor data for each shot or series of shots.
6) Performance summary data is displayed for key fundamental metrics.
7) Data is stored for each shooter for replay as necessary.
8) One instructor can simultaneously monitor up to four shooters.
9) MAT-MP sensors are currently compatible with the M16/M4/M27 platforms.
10) These sensors provide data on basic weapon handling including trigger squeeze, trigger follow through, cant angle, buttstock pressure and steadiness.

Patent Abstract: 

Disclosed is a Modular Advanced Technology - Marksmanship Proficiency (MAT-MP) system. The MAT-MP system provides marksmanship instructors with a robust and reconfigurable set of technological tools to quickly diagnose and remediate deficiencies in marksmanship skill at a live-fire range. The system diagnoses the shooter's performance using an array of sensors and an optic camera, all placed on the shooter's weapon, to continuously monitor and record his/her performance during weapon fire. Data output by the sensors and optic camera is gathered by the MAT-MP system's weapon-mounted control device and sent wirelessly to an instructor station, typically a tablet, laptop computer or the like. The MAT-MP coach software running on the instructor's computer presents a summarized analysis of the shooter's performance as well as provides the instructor the ability to view the raw sensor data graphically. The MAT-MP system can enable the instructor to more quickly identify and confirm the root cause of the shooter's poor performance instead of forcing the instructor to rely upon heuristic methods and interpretation of the fall of shot.


Adams, Matthew

Faircloth, Ryan

Foster, Thomas

Hebb, Richard

Lankford, Matthew

Barber, Paul

Vanciel, Joseph

Griffin, Tyson

Portoghese, Rocco

Portoghese, Rocco; Griffin, Tyson; Vanciel, Joseph; Barber, Paul; Lankford, Matthew; Hebb, Richard; Foster, Thomas; Faircloth, Ryan; Adams, Matthew

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Patent Status: 
Patent Issued
Patent Issue Date: 
July 17, 2018
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