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Modular Cutting Device for Cover Crop Residue

A modular cutting device for cover crop residue can improve planting quality in both row crop and vegetable no-till farming systems. Eliminates interference with planting unit by cleanly cutting through heavy surface residue utilizing higher RPM of the cutting disk compared to RPM obtained through free rotation (friction with soil) for traditional coulters. This versatile and compact modular design allows retrofitting of current commercially-available planting equipment for different planting configurations.

• Provides effective and clean cutting of heavy cover crop residue for better quality planting cash crops directly into cover crop residue
• Modular design to allow different mounting configurations and available power sources such as mechanical, hydraulic and electric
• Vastly improved cutting effectiveness of cover crop residue over traditional cutting coulters especially in weight-limited small farm applications

• For use in heavy cover cropping systems where tradition cutting coulters are less effective. This device can be adapted to any no-till planting system and equipment size

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