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Modulated Tool Path (MTP) Chatter Suppression System

The Modulated Tool Path (MTP) chatter suppression system builds on the general dynamic machine characterization and control capabilities associated with the MTP chip breaking system development. Chatter is caused by the vibration of the machine tool as it encounters previous cutting passes. Through the phase shift of the cutter motion associated with the MTP process, the mechanism that is the basis for the chatter is eliminated.
Patent Abstract: 
The MTP uses computer modeling and simulation techniques and does not require a reduction of feeds or speeds. It allows automatic chip breaking.
Increased production by eliminating the need to reduce feeds or speeds -Improved quality of the machined surface -Eliminated down time -Simplified and less costly chip-processing/ recycling -Decreased product delivery delays -Reduced cutting tool temperatures -Reduced part flaws -Improved workplace safety -Reduced machine repairs
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