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Molecular Detection and Viral-Load Quantification for HIV-1 Groups M, N and O, and Simian Immunodeficiency Virus-cpz (SIVcpz)

This invention provides materials, methods, and assays for detecting HIV-1 groups M and O and optionally HIV-1 group N and simian immunodeficiency virus-cpz (SIV-cpz). Specific nucleic acid primers for hybridization, amplification, and detection of HIV-1 are also provided for. The nucleic acid amplification assays can detect small concentrations of HIV-1 and are also useful for quantitative examinations of viral load concentrations within biological samples.
Broad-use, generic viral detection for groups M, N and O HIV-1, and also SIVcpz -Requires minute quantities of virus for use, making this assay ideal for confirmation of early-stage infection -Sensitive and highly specific -Easily formulated for kits -Established efficacy in patient samples
Renu Lal
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