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Monolithic Graphene Bulk Materials for Energy Storage and as a Tunable Resistor/Transistor

Graphene has attracted much interest due to its unique electrical and mechanical properties, ultra-high surface area, and the fact that it is a pure carbon based material and as such is an environmentally friendly alternative to transition metal based battery materials. While some applications require high-quality single layer graphene, others such as energy storage require bulk materials. The properties of these graphene bulk materials strongly depend on the way how the individual graphene sheets are linked together. LLNL has developed a process to covalently link single or double layer graphene sheets together to form a macroscopic, monolithic material that has excellent mechanical and electrical properties. The material is ideal for electrical energy storage applications or to make a device that is best described as a macroscopic 3D field effect transistor/resistor. The performance of this material for both applications depends on the electronic structure of the material which, for example, can be modified by doping with nitrogen.
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Covalent cross-linking of graphene sheets is achieved by using carbon nanoparticles as cross-linker for randomly oriented single layered graphene oxide nanoplatelets. The use of a covalently integrated carbon binder makes these graphene aerogel foams mechanically very robust, and allows one to achieve high bulk electrical conductivities even at low densities.
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