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Multirotor Mobile Buoy for Persistent Surface and Underwater Exploration

A multirotor mobile buoy combining MR-VTOL capability with environmentally hardened electronics, exchangeable sensor suites, and a solar recharge system and providing sensing in aquatic environments. The multirotor mobile buoy provides for the detection, classification and location of underwater objects using self-contained electronics, and repositions with aerial means using a plurality of rotors. The multirotor mobile buoy additionally incorporates solar panels for recharging of on-board batteries enabling the flight and other functions, and comprises a buoyant assembly and extended tether in order to promote stability in dynamic, open ocean environments. The multirotor mobile buoy may be employed singly or as a swarm of underwater detection platforms, and may utilize its positioning ability to optimize the effectiveness of sonobuoy systems arrayed as a distributed sensor field.
Patent Number: 
US 9,457,900
Patent Status: 
Patent Issue Date: 
October 4, 2016
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