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Multispectral-hyperspectral sensing system

The Multispectral-Hyperspectral Sensing System (MHSS) comprises a control center, a surveillance platform and at least one weapon battery with known sensing and destroying capabilities. The control center has access to pre-existing information relating to the target scene and potential targets, although not necessarily current, as well as the capabilities and limitations of the available weapons. This pre-existing information is communicated to the surveillance platform to be used in collecting hyperspectral/multispectral image data of the target scenery and to derive from the collected image data the relevant current target data subset. The derived data subset is then down-linked to the control center, which performs further processing to make it useful to the selected weapon. The weapon receives the target signature update from the control center and, in response, performs a significantly more precise strike at the selected target than based just on the a priori knowledge base.

William C. Pittman, S. Richard Sims

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March 19, 2002
(256) 876-3552
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