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NetTop®: Secure Computing Using Virtual Machines

Device for and Method of Secure Computing Using Virtual Machines

NetTop® significantly reduces risks and recurring information technology (IT) investment by allowing a user secure simultaneous access to multiple networks or environments independent of the operating system or user applications on one machine. Public and private executives and IT managers are acutely aware of the risks in allowing their users access to proprietary, sensitive, or otherwise classified information, and access to the internet from the same device. With this technology, users can seamlessly “window” across multiple environments or networks accessing the same information and applications. Each network or environment and its data is securely isolated from the other without the need for multiple workstations at the end user’s location.



Click to view PDFs of these patents on the US Patent and Trademark Office website: Patent 6,922,774

  • Financial/banking industry
  • Government use
  • Network administration
Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
July 26, 2005
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