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NMP Computed Radiography Plate

Computed radiography plates are used in medical imaging and nondestructive testing of welds, fabricated pipes, and aging infrastructure where sampling is expensive or not possible. The layer that binds the phosphorous material to the substrate has its own luminescence and negatively impacts the signal to noise ratio of the image. This technology improves image clarity in high-energy radiographic images by applying a phosphorous material directly to the Tantalum plate without the use of a polymer binding agent, thereby reducing imaging interference.
Patent Abstract: 
The NMP Plate provides improved resolution in high-energy radiographic images. It allows for the removal of plastic polymer by utilizing a phosphorous material. This system allows a reduced amount of radiation to be needed to perform radiography.
Superior high-energy radiographic image clarity -Reduced interference and internal scattering and allows for increased resolution -Higher levels of repeatability
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