Available Technology

Non-flammable land and sea marker

A flameless and smokeless marker attracts attention to a site. A battery and electronics section has a battery module and electronics module. The battery module connects power to the electronics module for creating responsive power-activation signals. An inflatable bag section is connected to the battery and electronics section and has an inflator and flexible bag. The flexible bag is metalized to reflect radar signals and has ChLCD strips receiving the power-activation signals to be visible to radiation from a remotely located search beacon. A beacon section connected to the battery and electronics section and inflatable bag section has IR laser diode arrays arranged in a circular pattern and a strobe light. The IR laser diode arrays and strobe light are coupled to receive the power-activation signals from the battery and electronics section to emit IR radiation and visible radiation, respectively.

Felipe Garcia, Gregory A. Reitmeyer, Robert C. Woodall, Jr.

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
March 1, 2005
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