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Non-Invasive Method to Measure Soil Elements and Locate Subsurface Objects

A neutron-gamma analysis system used as an alternative to traditional chemical analysis that measures soil elements such as soil carbon (C) by depth and can locate subsurface objects. This portable device makes non-invasive measurements using a neutron generator with an associate particle alpha detector known as Application of Associated Particle Imaging (API). The results of the invention can be combined with known mapping techniques to generate fast and accurate soil element maps such as C with depth increments.

• Soil Carbon averaged over whole field unit
• Saves labor and cost of soil samples and laboratory analysis of soil samples
• Soil C maps generated as soon as mapping is complete
• Buried objects can be detected and depth determined

• Soil C maps (and other nutrients) can be made following soil scanning with no soil disturbance
• Specific buried objects such as explosives or contaminates can be detected and depth determined

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