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Novel Cytochrome P450 Enzymes From Sorghum Bicolor

Two novel cytochrome P450 genes isolated from sorghum, each gene encoding a protein having pentadecatrienyl resorcinol hydroxylase activity. Expression vectors containing these sequences are made and used to elevate levels of pentadecatrienyl resorcinol hydroxylase in transgenic cells and organisms. Divisional patent application. 


•  Modification and expression of the sorghum cytochrome P450 enzymes in plant cells could increase sorgoleone levels, or alternatively, introduce its biosynthesis into species lacking the endogenous sorgoleone biosynthetic enzymes



•  Potential use for engineering the production of sorgoleone and related phenolic lipids in crops for enhanced resistance to disease and for the ability to resist weed infestations
Patent Number: 
9,926,539 + 9,284,537
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
145.12 + 41.16
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