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Novel Ferulate Esterase Isolated From Lactobaccillus Fermentum

The cDNA and amino acid sequences of a ferulate esterase obtained from Lactobacillus fermentum NRRL B-1932 is determined. An expression vector for expression of the ferulate esterase gene is generated. Recombinant bacteria producing ferulate esterases are generate. The recombinant ferulate esterase gene and transcribed protein contains a linker sequence and 6x HIS tag for purification. Enzymatic activity of the recombinant protein is determined.


•Potential for mass production of purified and highly active ferulate esterase


•Ferulate esterase is a critical enzyme in hydrolyzing lignocellulosic biomass materials
•Can be used in the production of ferulic acid which is used in foods and skin care products because of antioxidant properties
•The enzyme can be used for biomass degradation in various applications including fuels, animal feed, textile/ laundry, pulp, and paper industries
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