Available Technology

Novel Methods and Compositions to Evaluate and Determine Inactivation of Hazardous Biological Materials

Assays to determine that foodborne bacterial pathogens and other hazardous biological materials are adequately inactivated in food products. These assays/kits are time-temperature integrator assays that determine the inactivation of microbial food safety hazards in samples by quantifying the degradation of mitochondrial DNA using qPCR.


•  Quantitative and sensitive test
•  Results obtained in 3 - 6 hours instead of days or weeks
•  Continuous and rapid monitoring
•  Assay food products directly



•  Safety monitoring of thermally or microwaved processed fruits and vegetables
•  Assay kits to evaluate and/or determine the amount of inactivation of biological material in food products and objects (e.g. reusable medical and dental devices)
•  Evaluate inactivation protocols and deviations in processing to reduce the amount of viable biological material in or on items
Patent Number: 
10,718,032 (42.13)
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
42.13 + 61.20
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