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Novel Nickel Oxide/Hydroxide and Nickle-Cobalt Oxide/Hydroxide Materials for Batteries and Capacitors

Conventionally in the production of NiMH batteries, nickel electrodes are pressed from nickel oxide/hydroxide slurry or paste into porous sintered or nonsintered nickel foam current collectors. These conventional methods of introducing the active nickel oxide/hydroxide material cannot be used for porous current collectors because the nickel oxide particles are too large to be mechanically introduced into the current collector`s pores. LLNL has developed a process to electroplate nickel or nickel (cobalt) oxide into the small pores of porous current collectors.
Patent Abstract: 
LLNL has developed a method for electroplating nickel oxide/hydroxide electrode materials with very high energy- and power density onto a current collector. The method is especially suitable for coating porous current collectors with high surface areas.
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