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Novel Tumor-associated Antigen for Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Researchers at the National Institute on Aging's Laboratory of Immunology have characterized a novel tumor-associated antigen, SPANX-B, that is naturally immunogenic and is expressed in a variety of human malignancies, including melanoma and lung, colon, renal, ovarian and breast carcinomas. In melanoma specifically, SPANX-B expression is associated with advanced and metastatic disease. Moreover, the authors have found several agonist epitope peptides from SPANX-B which can be used to activate the immune system to eradicate tumors utilizing T cells. SPANX-B peptides have significant clinical and immunotherapeutic potential for the development of cancer diagnostic assays and potent protective and/ or therapeutic vaccines to combat a wide-range of cancers.
Immunogenic: SPANX-B peptides are naturally able to elicit immune response. -Expressed in a wide-range of cancers. -Use of epitope peptides facilitates the activation of cells of the more therapeutically effective branch of the immune system. -Small epitope peptides: can be more easily manufactured in contrast to recombinant proteins.
Bira Arya
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