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Novel Waveguide Design for Line Selection in Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers

Rare earth doped fibers lasers can be robust and efficient sources of high quality light, but are usually limited to the highest gain transitions of the active species. But rare earths typically possess a multitude of potentially useful transitions that might be accessed if the dominant transition can be suppressed. In fiber lasers this suppression is complicated by the very high net gain the dominant transitions exhibit; effective suppression requires some mechanism distributed along the length of the fiber.
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Lawrence Livermore researchers have developed a novel waveguide with resonant leakage elements that frustrate guidance at well-defined and selectable wavelengths. Based on this waveguide, the LLNL team has fabricated a Large Mode Area Neodymium doped fiber with suppression of the four-level transition around 1060 nm, and demonstrated lasing on the three-level transition at 930 nm with good efficiency.
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