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Novel Yeast Strains

Using directed evolution, several strains of Scheffersomyces stipitis are generated that better utilize xylose and glucose for improved ethanol production. These improved strains are obtained by culturing the yeast on hydrolyzates of differing concentrations of xylose, ethanol, and by-products.


•This is a native xylose-fermenting yeast that has not been genetically modified
•Yeast strains are evolved and selected to be tolerant of diverse nutrient environments and inhibitory hydrolyzates of lignocellulosic biomass
•Strains ferment both glucose and xylose in enzyme hydrolyzates produced from 20% solids loading acid or base pretreatments



•These strains could be used to ferment both hexose and pentose sugars to produce ethanol from the lignocellulosic corn hull fiber generated in corn to ethanol plants or from corn stover
•The strains can also be used to produce ethanol from base- or acid-pretreated switchgrass and other forms of herbaceous lignocellulosic biomass
•Stains can also be used to produce ethanol from base or acid-pretreated woody biomass residues
Patent Number: 
9,297,027 & 9,873,896
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
183.11 + 54.16
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