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Omni Jaw 5 Powered Protrusion Cutter

Y-12 invites interested companies to license its patented Powered Protrusion Cutter (PPC), originally designed for the Department of Energy as a portable asbestos cyanide-dipped bolt cutter. The PPC cuts and traps the bolt head to eliminate environmental and safety hazards. The PPC is a high-powered hydraulic tool that generates up to 5 tons of force on the cutting jaw. An electric trigger placed ergonomically on the handle actuates it. The longer the momentary trigger is held open, the higher the force generated. This allows the tool to use the minimum amount of power required to cut. After the trigger is released, the system automatically resets, and the cutting jaw returns to the open position.
Patent Abstract: 
4140 steel alloy machined body and cutting jaw -S7 high-impact tool with steel machined cutting blades -Stainless steel jaw guards and handle frame -1⁄4” Lexan transparent shield -Ultra alloy steel bolts
Strong – generates up to 5 tons of force -Ergonomic electric trigger – improves ease of use -Safe – traps trimmings to eliminate environmental and safety hazards -Portable – weighs 18 lb, including section of hydraulic hose and fittings -Fast – shears bolts in seconds -Versatile – with an interchangeable jaw, the PPC can be used as a bolt cutter, punch, or shear -Precise – leaves surface undamaged
Patent Status: 
Development- TRL 8 - Technology has been proven to work in its final form and under expected conditions.
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