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Passive In Situ Gas and Chemical Sensor

In many sealed systems, the spontaneous generation of chemicals and gases can adversely affect the contents of a sealed system. The container or system is closed, and sampling is impossible. A passive method for detecting the presence of specific chemicals in the system is critical and addresses a key question: How do you ascertain the integrity of the contents in a sealed container without opening it? This invention allows a sealed system to be monitored for the infiltration or generation of gases or other chemical species specific to the enclosed materials.
Patent Abstract: 
The sensor can be used as a passive or active detector. It allows a specific gas or chemical to be specifically identified but also can determine its concentration, mass, temperature, and time history. The sensor provides quantitative analysis for determining longevity of the system.
Can be custom tailored to react to a single chemical or broad spectrum of chemicals -Passive Monitoring -Cost-effective
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