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Passive visual system and method of use thereof for aircraft guidance

A landing guidance system is disclosed for use with helicopters or other aircraft during the terminal phase of approach to a marine structure, such as a moving ship at sea. Signals from shipboard pitch and roll position sensors are routed to a signal processor that computes stabilization corrections which, in turn, are applied to a multi-axis electromechanical system that moves internal elements of an optical system to compensate for motion of a shipboard platform resulting in a stabilized optical presentation in inertial space to the pilot of an approaching aircraft. A dual display is provided through the use of a spectral beam splitter that allows both an infrared and visible display to be presented to an approaching pilot. This allows the pilot to use the display with and without night vision devices. The visible energy display to the pilot is color-coded with three distinct colors.

George Bray

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June 29, 2001
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