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Periscope universal hull packing

An embodiment of an inventive periscope hull packing system includes a sleeve, a first ring, a first spring-loaded hull seal, a second ring, a second spring-loaded hull seal, and a gland. The first ring is below the sleeve. The first spring-loaded hull seal is below the first ring. The second ring is below the first spring-loaded hull seal. The second spring-loaded hull seal is below the second ring. The gland and the second spring-loaded hull seal, which is housed by the gland, are below the second ring. The sleeve and the gland each have, on the inside circumference, a composite lining affording a lubricious surface for contacting the periscope. Each composite lining is composed of a resinous matrix and a filler lubricant (such as particles or short discontinuous fibers of polytetrafluoroethylene). Each spring-loaded hull seal is characterized by an elastomeric shell and an elastomeric O-ring spring for energizing the shell.

Mark M. Naser

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June 15, 2018
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