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Pesticides That Do Not Wash Away with Rain

Existing pesticides wash away with rain or morning dew after spraying. A novel procedure that can be used for the encapsulation of pesticides into microparticles was developed. These microcapsules adhere to the surface of plant leaves and are not washed away with rain. They stay on the leaves until they are consumed by insects or degraded. Therefore, multiple applications of pesticides are not necessary. Farmers thereby save application cost and labor, and environmental contamination is minimized. Compositions and methods of generating microcapsules are included in the invention.
• No need for multiple application of pesticides
• Lower application cost
• Saves time and labor
• Minimizes environmental contamination and lowers applicator exposure

• Replaces conventional formulations for pesticides
• Can be applied to any plants that are infected by pests
• Especially useful when multiple applications have to be avoided

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