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Planar Transmission-Line Permittivity Sensor and Calibration Method For The Characterization of Liquids, Powders and Semisolid Materials

A planar transmission line sensor apparatus and calibration method for measuring the complex permittivity of liquids, powders, and semisolid materials over a wide band of radio and microwave-frequency. The sensor is also used for measuring the anisotropic dielectric properties of materials. 


•  Quantitative and sensitive test
•  Results obtained in 3 - 6 hours instead of days or weeks
•  Rapid, nondestructive, wideband permittivity measurements of materials, especially those without uniform edges and without the need to have the material perpendicular to the planar line by using a planar transmission-line sensor
•  Simple calibration procedure
•  Low cost planar transmission-line sensor apparatus


•  Measuring attributes of products such as moisture content, fat content in agricultural products and food, lumber, chemical, pharmaceutical, concrete, and construction industries
•  Poultry and meat processing plants
Patent Number: 
(202.13) 10,139,468
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
8.19 + 202.13
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