Polar ADC & Down Converter

Polar ADC & Down Converter

Skip the IF During Down Conversion

Most autonomous products require sensors to become situationally aware. Our concept consists of a mixed-signal IC that develops a completely new breed of analog-to-digital converters. This ADC converts the inherent bandpass nature of all radio signals (navigation, surveillance and communications) into an asset, by digitizing their amplitude and phase directly from the antenna, removing the need for any down-conversion, and operating at a sampling frequency equal to the signal bandwidth.

Patent Abstract: 

The envisioned ADC can be used in any receiver with a bandpass sensor. Nonetheless, we are targeting only radio receivers at this moment. Our initial objective for this program is to develop a wideband ADC partially covering the SHF band (which spans from 3 to 30 GHz), on a best effort basis. Similarly, the targeted sampling frequencies are about a few gigahertz.


Omar Ojeda

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semiconductor, ADC
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December 18, 2018
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