Available Technology

Portable Chemical Sterilzer

The US Army NSRDEC seeks to commercialize through patent licensing a Portable Chemical Sterilizer (PCS). The PCS is a revolutionary sterilization technology designed to be portable, electricity-free, function on-site, and is 100% effective in killing infectious pathogens on used surgical instruments.

Patent Abstract: 

The Portable Chemical Sterilizer (PCS) prototype comprises a lightweight (< 20 lbs) and hand-carryable plastic suitcase with sufficient capacity to hold a surgical instrument tray. The PCS was engineered to control a novel chemical system (~ 300 grams of dry reagents and water) that controllably generates chlorine dioxide and sterilizes contaminated instruments in 30 minutes. After the sterilization process, excess chlorine dioxide is deactivated to preserve the environment, and the rugged plastic case is available for multiple re-uses.

Lab Representatives
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